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Datum: 19.05.2021, 13:23 Uhr
Your professional IT service provider in Vienna
Support Center 24 offers professional IT services and PC emergency services for small and medium-sized companies in Vienna, Burgenland, and Lower Austria. We are your reliable and committed partner in the construction, installation, maintenance and support of IT systems. Our greatest goal as a leading service provider in Vienna is to make your company more efficient, stronger, more competitive, and more innovative through the use of technology. With us as your service provider, you can be 100% sure that your IT systems will run securely, economically, and reliably.

On a technical level, IT is and will remain our most important concern. You can rely on us to help you maintain all devices reliably and safely. This gives you the best possible protection against failures, malfunctions, malware, and cybercriminal activities.

We also leave nothing to be desired on a personal level: we are always in personal contact with our customers so that your IT runs as smoothly as possible and all your requirements are met.

Should you need a PC emergency service, a technician is always available via remote maintenance or on-site to take care of the problem and ensure that everything runs smoothly again. Even if you need help with the procurement of hardware, IT advise, or with support or maintenance of your IT, we as the best service provider in Vienna are your perfect contact. IT is our strength, we have not yet disappointed any of our customers!

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