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Autor: Julia Schmitz - Datum: 30.07.2018, 11:54 Uhr:
Food Hopping Europe presents Food Tour Rome
Delicious Paella - Food Tour in Malaga

The Food Tour in Malaga offers delicious Paella. If you are spending your holidays in Malaga, a food tour is a unique experience for the whole family. Children are welcome on the tour and pay a reduced price. Soft drinks will replace alcoholic drinks for children. So young and old can enjoy a great adventure.

Exciting Food Tour in Palma

Our Food Tour in Palma is more than exciting. Food tours are very special experiences. Make your holidays perfect with one of the different tours in the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you are spending your holidays on Majorca, you should visit Palma de Mallorca. The capital of the island is well worth a visit. On your food tour you will be guided by a native who will show you the city with its special spots and especially its special food. The tour consists of ten different stops where you will taste typical Majorcan delectability. In family owned bodegas and taverns, you can experience the real Majorcan gastronomic culture. A special highlight is the visit of the food market.

Naples Food Tour

The Food Tour in Naples has a lot to offer. Naples is the home of the pizza which is famous all over the world. But there are many other dishes in Naples you must not miss. On the Naples food tour you start at the Opera area of Naples and return there 3.5 hours later. In this time you will visit ten locations where you will taste regional gastronomic specialties. Besides the tour consists of some stops at historical sights. The native guide will be able to tell you things you cannot find in a tourist guide. Every food tour takes place in small groups with maximal 12 persons.

Visit the website for more information https://www.foodhoppingeurope.com/