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Autor: John Faber - Datum: 30.07.2018, 10:44 Uhr:
The Winklerhotels are the perfect hotels in the Dolomites for your stay

The hotels in the Dolomites offer many activities

The hotels offer a huge range of activities. To reach many leisure activities in a short and uncomplicated way, the accommodations lie optimal. The Winklerhotels give you a weekly and season-based program. The region is full of panoramic routes, which professional guides will be delighted to show you. You can drive with a free shuttle service to all guided tours, a backpack and a hiking map are also available in your room. Other sport activities are also possible. So you can ride mountain bike or play golf. In the winter you can ski and visit Christmas markets and museums.

The hotels have a great spa for the whole family

Just relax and enjoy your vacation in our hotels. The Winklerhotels offer a real premium spa experience made of exclusive spa facilities surrounded by inspiring natural landscapes. A fantastic sauna, moonlight-swimming and over 80 different massages and treatments are just a few examples of the big wellness program.

Have a wonderful vacation in our Dolomites hotels

Our hotels offer the best service. If you search a cozy accommodation in this wonderful region, the Winklerhotels are always a good choice. The hotels are premium spa resorts and offer great holiday experiences for rest-seekers, active guests and families. Tourists can decide between the hotels Lanerhof, Purmont, Winkler and Sonnenhof. The hotels are oriented to different interests. Because of that guests can plan their vacation very individual, to have a great time in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

For information please visit the website https://www.winklerhotels.com