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Autor: Julia Schmitz - Datum: 29.10.2018, 18:55 Uhr:
Discover the City during the Naples Food Tour
Spanish excellency with the Barcelona food tour

The Barcelona Food Tour offers you the best spanish Food around. The Catalan kitchen has many surprises and offers different variations of classic Spanish meals. Fresh fish from the sea combined with selected ingredients and spices create special meals with a remarkable taste. Guests enjoy the menus in a very special environment in the young and beautiful city Barcelona. Enjoy your meals and a great stay with Foodhopping in Europe in Barcelona.

Memorable Food Tour in Palermo

You wont forget the Food Tour in Palermo so fast. A delightful variety of dishes is one of these things. The Italian kitchen interpreted by chefs give the opportunities to learn more about the Italian way of life. Foodhopping in Europe give customers the chance to get in touch with the tasty kitchen experience. We offer you the best meals in the great environment of one of the beautiful cities of Italy.

Enjoy special dishes with the Madrid Food Tour

The Madrid Food Tour offers the best Paellas you have ever had. The kitchen is a good choice to get compositions of food from Spain. Local ingredients, fresh fish and herbs can be combined into a culinary delight. Enjoy your meals with ocean view and forget about the worries in the daily life. Customers can dive into this world of wonder with Foodhopping in Europe. You can visit our website to choose the best city for your requirements. We are looking forward to your visit.

Visit our website for further information about foodhopping in Europe: